June 13, 1996

The State Committee of Management has directed me in accordance with the Union’s Rules to call for further nominations for the Inspectors’ Sub-Branch Executive Committee for the term 1996-1999, given that all positions on the Executive Committee were not filled at the close of nominations April 12, 1996.

The Inspectors’ Sub-Branch exists to cover all permanent members qualified for or holding the rank of Inspector, and its Executive Committee is constituted as follows:

  • Sub-Branch Secretary
  • Operational Commander Committeepersons (2)
  • Non-Operational Commander Committeepersons (2)

At the close of nominations April 12, 1996, all positions were filled bar the final position of the second Non-Operational Commander Committeeperson. Accordingly, nominations are now called for that position for the remainder of the term 1996-1999.

  • Nominations, which must be in writing and comply with the Union’s Registered Rules, may be made at any time from 14 June 1996. They must reach the Union office not later than 12 noon on 28 June 1996. Nominations cannot be withdrawn after 5 July 1996.
  • Nomination Forms (over) are available from the Union office. The use of these forms is not compulsory provided that nominations comply with the Rules.


BY HAND/POST : 267 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000.                  BY FAX : (02) 267 6304

Ballot : If a ballot is necessary, voting material will be posted on 12 July 1996 to eligible members at the address shown in the Union’s records. Members should notify the Union of any change of address. The ballot will close at 5.00 pm on 26 July, 1996.

David Honan

Returning Officer

13th June, 1996.

New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union



You should verify your financial status and any other qualifications required by the Union’s Rules prior to lodging nominations.

The nominee must be nominated by AT LEAST TWO eligible financial members.

We, the undersigned financial members of the Union and Sub-Branch hereby nominate:


(Nominee’s Name – In Block Letters)

for the office of NON-OPERATIONAL COMMANDER (NON 10/14 INSPECTOR)                               COMMITTEEPERSON


(Please Use Block Letters)

Name (In Full)                                                                          Signature                     Date





(Print your name as you wish it to appear on the ballot paper)

being a financial member of the Union and Sub-Branch, hereby accept this  nomination.

Private Address: _____________________________________________________________


Telephone (H):_________________      Station No :________      Platoon (if any) :________

Signature :____________________________           Date :____________________________

Nominations must be received by David Honan, FBEU Returning Officer at the address shown below up to but not later than 12 noon on 28 June 1996. Nominations cannot be withdrawn after 5 July 1996.

Address for lodgement of nominations:

BY HAND        : 267 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

BY POST         : 267 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

BY FAX           : (02) 267 6304