January 14, 2011

Inside this issue:

  • Queensland Rescue/USAR Task force
  • PSTP and attainment of qualifications
  • Membership cards and helmet stickers

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September 8, 1998

As a result of your determination and unity, the CS-B Executive has received written confirmation from the Department expressing its commitment and concurrence with the following:- [Read more]

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May 15, 1998

Members would be aware of the Minister’s previous direction that “the two services should compliment each other, not compete”. However, many RFS Brigades continue to operate CABA, urban pumping appliances and other structural offensive firefighting equipment either within or very close to NSWFB Fire Districts. [Read more]

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March 24, 1998

Members would be aware of recent instances where members with expertise in BA/HAZMAT have been asked to provide training to other firefighters. [Read more]

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February 4, 1997

The Union is conducting training for Station Delegates, Sub-Branch Exec. and State Committee of Management members in the new award.

Paid leave to attend the course is available in accordance with clause 24 – SPECIAL LEAVE FOR UNION ACTIVITIES of the Crown Employees (NSW FIRE BRIGADES FIREFIGHTING STAFF) Award, 1997. [Read more]

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July 30, 1996

Re: Pay problem

Attached is a list of members who are employed as Senior Instructors, seconded to the Training College.

The Union understands that these members have not been paid the ST & DD allowance since the implementation of the new ‘Stargarden’ pay system. [Read more]

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April 17, 1996

The Union has become aware of a Memorandum dated 2/4/96 and addressed to all Station Commanders – Greater Sydney Area, and titled “Placement of Recruit Firefighters on Graduating from the Training College”. No consultation took place with the Union on this prior to its distribution. [Read more]

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February 27, 1996

It has come to the Union’s attention that the Department has contracted the services of a consultant to undertake driver familiarisation for the installation of the four new Firepac Salvage/Rescue appliances. [Read more]

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