12 September, 2014

infoInside this issue:

  • Permanent Award negotiations – update #7
  • Back to the future with Operational Support
  • Award information sessions
  • SOPP Pre-Entry Test – update #1
  • Newtown hits unwanted ton
  • New Fire Brigades Regulation

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30 August, 2014

calculatorInside this issue:

  • Permanent Award negotiations – update #6
  • Retainer rip off – update #3
  • Comrade Dan Howard’s funeral

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22 August, 2014

MazeInside this issue:

  • Facing medical retirement? Talk to us, not your lawyers
  • In brief

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19 August, 2014

This week the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union joins Fire and Rescue NSW in mourning the loss of retained firefighter and FBEU member Daniel Howard while fighting a structure fire in his hometown of Cobar. In a tragic reminder of the inherent risks firefighters face as frontline emergency service workers, comrade Howard paid the ultimate price protecting life and property. He was a family man admired and loved by his community and the tragedy was highlighted even more by the fact that 37 yr old “Howie” leaves behind a partner with a three year old son.

The FBEU extends our condolences and deepest sympathy to his family, his workmates, and his friends. Fire Brigade Employees’ Union representatives have been dispatched to Cobar to personally assist where possible.  We stand ready to offer support to the family with respect to financial support for funeral arrangements, Workers Compensation and D&D Award entitlements.

I remind all members that a range of support and counselling services are available, and to not hesitate to contact the Union, FRNSW, or a friend during this difficult time.

Jim Casey,
State Secretary

Vale Comrade Daniel Howard

15 August, 2014

SITREP 29 was expected to feature details of our conditional agreement with the Department for a new rank, promotions and pay framework. And it would have too had we been able to reach one. Publication on SITREP 29 has therefore been held over pending next Tuesday’s IRC proceedings, when hopefully more progress will be made with our 2014 Permanent Award application.

8 August, 2014

LockedInside this issue:

  • Permanent Award negotiations – update #5
  • Bullying & Harassment – no place in our Union
  • Retainer rip off – update #2
  • Ausreo lockout

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7 August, 2014

Last week the FBEU State Committee of Management adopted the following position on the continuing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

“The FBEU supports the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Union’s general strike in the West Bank in protest at the Israeli government’s actions and condemns attacks upon Palestinian workers and trade unionists.

The Union applauds the tremendous work done by firefighters and emergency service workers assisting the victims of recent attacks whilst being fired upon themselves.

We send our support and solidarity to all those affected by the conflict, including the families of the victims.”

7 August, 2014

Seven News ran a story on the Penrith fire and delayed response due to TOLing last Tuesday on their 6pm bulletin.

To view the story, click on this link: https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/24639256/fire-station-warning/

1 August, 2014

Penrith fire today: response times impacted by NSW budget cuts

The grass fire that destroyed property in Penrith this afternoon could have been attacked by firefighters earlier, but for NSW Government budget cuts.

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1 August, 2014

ABCInside this issue:

  • Permanent Award negotiations – update #4
  • Retainer ripoff – update #1
  • GSE Act

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