13 December, 2014

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 8.58.30 AMInside this issue:

  • 24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #2
  • New improved A/L roster– update #2
  • Retained Engine Keepers here to stay – update #1
  • Monash cancer study results
  • National Movember 000 challenge victory

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28 November, 2014

Alarm ClockInside this issue:

  • New improved A/L roster – update #1
  • Retained to Permanent Recruitment
  • 24 hour shifts and roster flexibility – update #1

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25 November, 2014

holidayInside this issue:

  • 40 new jobs and 5 new trucks
  • Retained Feb 2015 wage rise up 0.46%
  • 24 hour shifts and roster flexibility
  • New improved Station Redevelopments policy
  • New improved A/L roster

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24 November, 2014

New firefighters and specialist bushfire appliances welcome additions after three years of budget cuts

Firefighters have welcomed a resource boost of 40 additional staff and five new bushfire-fighting appliances, saying it will provide a boost in emergency situations as well as reducing the number of fire stations temporarily shut due to staffing shortages.

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21 November, 2014

The publication of SITREP 40 has been deferred until Monday, 24 November pending an announcement to be made that day by the Minister, FRNSW and FBEU.

21 November, 2014

Presentation of 2013-2014 Financial Report

Please find attached for members’ information the financial report of the FBEU for the year ended 30 June 2014. Read more…

14 November, 2014

CalculatorInside this issue:

  • New Permanent Award now in force
  • Two year wage deal

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13 November, 2014
Both Fire & Rescue NSW and the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union are pleased to advise that a new Permanent Award was made by agreement yesterday and will commence tomorrow.  See Crown Employees (Fire and Rescue NSW Permanent Firefighting Staff) Award 2014 to review the detailed changes.

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10 November, 2014

IRCInside this issue:

  • Reminder on minimum payments for overtime / relief duties
  •  Removal of Retained business phones
  • Regulation 12(1)(b) terminated
  • IRC ruling: What’s ours is theirs

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4 November, 2014

Results of 2014 AGM/SGM

Over 1,300 retained and permanent members attended one of twenty four separate sub-branch meetings held around the state over the past week to consider and vote on the 3 AGM/SGM agenda questions, each of which were declared carried. The results from each meeting on each question are set out in the printable copy of this SITREP, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Jim Casey
State Secretary

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