Current Log of Claims

2024 Log of Claims

In SitRep 52/2023, the 2024 Log of Claims was released to members. The list of claims in each Award are below:




In SitRep 53/2023, an updated list of claims was published which includes the full marked up Awards from the 2023 log of claims (which carried over to 2024), as well as some updates to SitRep 52/2023.




On the new Promotional Pathway:

  • Agreed minimum periods of service at a below rank prior to being able to seek promotion
  • A requirement for employees to pass a standard knowledge-based pre-qualifying assessment prior to being able to seek promotion
  • A structured promotional development program that is capability based with nationally accredited units of competency and qualifications awarded as a result
  • Multiple pathways of promotion by merit inclusive of selection on a promotional program, merit selection into a non-station-based role and merit selection into second round advertisements/hard to fill roles
  • Clear and defined pathways for promotion with relevant and agreed tenures applied where necessary along with pausing at number 1 on transfer lists during tenure periods in non station-based positions
  • Streamlining of promotional programs to deliver full qualification at the leading ranks
  • Transfers into substantive operational roles via an agreed promotional register


List of allowances:

  • In Water Rescue Allowance.
  • Land Based Flood Rescue Allowance.
  • General Land Rescue Allowance
  • Road Crash Rescue Allowance
  • Compressed Air Foam System Pumper Allowance
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Allowance
  • Intermediate HAZMAT Allowance
  • Retained Officer Allowance