Good Mental Health

Good mental health is vital for our members, with our job exposing us to stressful, emotional and demanding situations throughout our careers. It is also a growing issue for the community more broadly and this is why many organisations, including the FBEU, are working to raise awareness about good mental health.

The latest research indicates that around one in 8 men, and one in 5 women will experience depression, and one in 5 men and one in 3 women will experience anxiety at some point. And the rates of poor mental health for first responders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTIQ people and people from rural and remote regions is even higher.

It can seem daunting to bring up the topic of mental health, but it’s a subject we all need to talk about and be aware of. It takes courage to talk about it and to seek help, and there’s no one more courageous than FBEU members.

The following links have information and resources to help you learn more about mental health, and get help for yourself, your Comrades, friends or family if and when it’s needed.

In a mental health crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or call 000. And remember, help is always available.