July 3, 1995

One of the problems arising out of the day-shift roster configuration worked at the above Stations is the ability of the Department to exploit members through the use of stand-bys at those Stations. In effect, members may be made to perform unlimited out-duties through stand-bys at these Stations as they may start at their own Station and return prior to 1800 hours.

This arrangement was never intended by the Union, and it serves to highlight the many flaws in non 10/14 rostering arrangements. Stand-bys were agreed to on a 10/14 basis only and limits on out-duties exist owing to a history of dispute and successful resistance by the Union to the employers’ “pack your bags and go” approach of former years. Clause 17.13 of the Award is clear in limiting involuntary out-duties to 8 per year. The Union will not allow the Department to prop up non 10/14 Stations through the abuse of it’s members.

Accordingly, all non-relieving members performing temporary duty at the above “day shift” Stations shall count all such shifts as out-duties to be included within the annual limit of eight.

This instruction shall remain in place until further notice.

Chris Read

State Secretary

3rd July, 1995



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