July 25, 1996

Many members have contacted the Union in recent weeks in relation to late pay slips, following the introduction of the new ‘Stargarden’ pay system.

Following the first ‘Stargarden’ pay run and late pay slips the Union pursued the matter with the Department.

The Department advised the Union that the problem would be rectified in the following run of ‘Stargarden’.

Subsequent pay runs have not resulted in the timely provision of pay slips, as evidenced by members’ calls to the Union.

The Union raised the problem with the Department again. Today the Union received an assurance from the Department that they had ‘every reason to believe that the problem would not occur again’.

The provision of pay slips, on time, is paramount in a system of electronic funds transfer pay. A pay slip is the only way members can know what is in their accounts.

Failure to provide pay slips on or before pay day is in contravention of Section 182 subsection (1) of the NSW Industrial Relations Act 1991, which reads:

“On the payment by an employer of any wages to an employee covered by an award, enterprise agreement or former industrial agreement,……. the employer must supply to the employee when the payment is made such written particulars as may be prescribed by the regulations regarding the payment”.

The Union has taken the Department to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission in relation to this issue before, the most recent occasion being Monday 1 May, 1995. The Union will have no hesitation in doing so again if members receive late pay slips for the pay run on 1 August, 1996.

Chris Read

State Secretary

25 July, 1996



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