Country staffing agreement

October 2, 1998

I am pleased to advise that formal agreement on our Union’s country staffing proposal was reached with the Department last Friday, September 25. The final outcome to what have been very complex and protracted negotiations can be broadly summarised as follows:

What Stations, what roster and when?

10/14 Roster:

Killarney Vale by October 30 1998.
Broken Hill (to SO & 3) recruits to commence asap.
Albury and Turvey Park (to SO & 3) by October 16 1998.

Back to Back Roster:

Tweed Heads
Port Macquarie
East Maitland
(all exepcted by mid-December 1998)

Special (Day) Roster:

Coffs Harbour
(all exepcted by mid-December 1998)

How do members apply?

The Union negotiated In Orders 1998/19 with the Department to establish the manner in which permanent members are selected for service at the above Stations (save Killarney Vale). Apart from the use of a ballot instead of seniority to separate applicants of equal standing, 1998/19 is in line with the direction of the June Special General Meeting and has now established a system of transfer lists for all permanent firefighter vacancies outside of the Greater Sydney Area.

Section 4 of In Orders 1998/19 has set an October 30 deadline for the initial receipt of applications. Transfer lists for each of the above Stations will be established at that time and will thereafter operate in the same manner as the existing transfer lists for Newcastle, the Central Coast, Katoomba and the Illawarra. The Union has also secured agreement for the recruitment of local retained members to the permanent ranks where insufficient permanent applications are received. As a result, discussions are now under way for 4 of the 5 vacancies at Broken Hill to be filled by retained members attached to 238 and 239 Stations and it is possible that similar employment opportunities will arise at other Stations on October 30.

This notice is intended only as a general update. Members seeking further advice should contact the Union Office or their elected official in the first instance.





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