SO & 3 MINIMUM STAFFING No.238 Stn Broken Hill

October 20, 1998

The Union has been engaged in negotiations with the Department throughout today on the subject matter.

It has now been agreed that the Upgrade to SO and 3 Minimum Staffing at 238 Station will be introduced by no later than January 1, 1999.

It is intended that recruit training for the four retained firefighters will be completed by that time.  However, it has also been agreed that relievers will be directed to 238 Stn in order to support the increases in staff, in the event that training has not been completed by then.

On the question of permanent employment, members are reminded that four permanent positions are now available to retained members from both 238 and 239 Stations.  Retained members interested in applying for these positions should contact Iain Bailey at the Union Office for further information and/or assistance.

The State Committee of Management’s Decision of 25/9/98 directed that S/O and 3 be maintained “by way of overtime if necessary” if Broken Hill recruits did not “commence their training in the coming October 8 intake”.  This was to be done in response to the Department’s “insincerity with regard to the earliest implementation of safe minimum staffing”.

In view of the progress made in today’s negotiations, effectively bringing forward the staffing upgrade from late February 1999, it has been agreed that 238 Station will revert to minimum staffing of S/O and 2 per platoon as of 1800 hours today, Tuesday 20th October.

Accordingly, the direction to maintain S/O and 3 staffing by way of overtime is to be lifted at that time.

Chris Read

State Secretary Tuesday 20 October, 1998



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