Additional bans placed on hold

January 8, 1999

The additional bans and limitations due to come into force at 0800 hours on Monday 11 January 1999 have been placed on hold in line with an undertaking given to His Honour Justice Marks of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission this afternoon. This came about as a result of an urgent listing of the dispute by the Department at midday today.

At the compulsory conference before Justice Marks, a proposal was put forward by the judge that he chair a private conference between the Department and the Union with a view to reaching a settlement on Monday 11 January, commencing 11am. As a sign of good faith, the Union has agreed to suspend the additional industrial action scheduled to commence on Monday. However, it should be noted that our Union has not yet suspended the original 38 hour limit/ban on Friday action which has been in place since late November.

It is the stated intention of the judge – and the sincere hope of the Union – that this dispute will be resolved as soon as possible. The Union will assess the progress made during Monday’s conference and will provide a further update to members that afternoon. The status of the additional industrial action will also have been reviewed and clarified by that time.

Accordingly, the additional bans and limitations (only) identified in the Union notice of 7 January 1999, and due to come into force at 0800 hours on 11/1/99, are to be held in abeyance until their introduction or rescission has been confirmed by the State Secretary by way of further notice to be issued on the afternoon of Monday January 11 1999 .


Chris Read

State Secretary



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