Acting-Up Banned

April 2, 1999

The Department this morning lifted the suspension on acting-up of Leading Firefighters to Station Officer Rank. This was done without consultation with the Union in what would appear to be a feeble attempt to sneak acting-up back in over the Easter holiday without anyone realy noticing. They failed.

The State Committee of Management determined that acting-up should be banned at its meeting of March 2. Ongoing negotiations with the Department led to agreement being reached between the parties for the suspension of acting-up from March 12. The State Committee reaffirmed its decision that all acting-up should cease at its meeting of March 26. There has been nothing to occur since that time which could justify any variation in that decision. Indeed, recent advice from the Department as to the application of merit and the role of acting-up in future selction processes has only served to reinforce the State Committee’s ban. Further advice on these matters will be distributed to all member workplaces in the coming week.

Accordingly, all members are instructed that effective 0800 hours, Saturday April 3 1999, all acting-of Leading Firefighters to Station Officer shall be banned.

This instruction shall remain in force until further notice from the State Secretary.

Chris Read
State Secretary 

Friday April 2, 1999



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