Staffing at Newcastle and Wollongong Comms Centres

June 5, 1999

Members working in Operational Communications would be well aware of the ongoing requests by the Union for more appropriate staffing levels at both Newcastle and Wollongong Communications Centres.  To date the Department has failed to adequately address our concerns over staffing in the Centres and the impact that it is having on stress levels at these Centres.

Accordingly, effective 0800 hours, Monday 5th July, 1999 members are hereby instructed to ban all training in Operational Communications, cease the paging of senior officers except in relation to emergencies and ban all work that should properly be done by Site-Co-ordinators.

This ban is to remain in force until such time as the State Committee of Management is satisfied that the Department is serious about addressing our concerns with staffing in Operational Communications.


Michael Wright,

Industrial Officer

for State Secretary




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