D&D Dispute Update #13

August 17, 1999

From Here To August 27

The temporary suspension of industrial bans until Friday, 27th August, authorised by last Friday’s Special General, meeting provides a time frame for the death and disability issue to be finally resolved.

In the various meetings held with the Government over the last few months it has been both consistent and clear that the Government has displayed an inability to grasp this issue. Nowhere was that reality more pronounced than when the Minister for Emergency Services, Bob Debus was interviewed on the ABC Stateline programme and was unable to respond clearly to what the problem actually was for firefighters who are killed or injured.

The broad agreement reached with the Government on 13th August means that we now have an opportunity to move forward and firm down on the detail of the death and disability scheme for members employed after 1985.

Yesterday, (Monday) the Union contacted the Government’s representatives seeking discussions to develop the principles they agreed to on 13th August. We are informed that the Government will be conducting internal meetings between the various departments, the first occurring this morning. A meeting between the Union and the Government has now been scheduled on Friday, 20th August to attend to the detail of the proposal and come up with a package that reflects the needs of our members.

On Tuesday 24th August the Union’s State Committee of Management is to meet to evaluate the detail of the Government’s proposal and provide recommendations for the series of Special General Meetings which will occur as follows:

Newcastle Sub branch SGM

Thursday 26th August, commencing 1000 hrs at Cardiff Workers Club

Illawarra Sub branch SGM

Thursday 26th August, commencing 1800 hrs at Wollongong Fire Station

Sydney SGM (night section)

Thursday 26th August, commencing 1930 hrs at Trades Hall, Sydney

Sydney SGM (day section)

Friday 27th August, commencing 1200hrs at Trades Hall, Sydney

Darryl Snow
State President



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