1999 Retained Award Claim

December 24, 1999

As members would be aware, the 1997 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Retained Firefighting Staff) Award – otherwise know as the retained Award – expired 30/09/99. That means that it’s time to negotiate a new Award, including revised conditions of employment and wage increases. A General Meeting of our Union in October this year voted to adopt a no-nonsense wage claim of 4% per annum over a new 3 year Award. In other words, we’re seeking a 12% wage rise.

The Union’s industrial staff have prepared a new Award claim in consultation with the elected representatives of our Union’s Retained Sub-Branch. That claim has been formally lodged today with the Industrial Relations Commission, in preparation for the commencement of negotiations which are scheduled to begin early in the new year. A copy of the Union’s claim can now be obtained in PDF format immediately below.

As a democratic Union, we encourage members to download our Award claim, to print it out, to consider it and to discuss it amongst members at your Station. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome, and may be forwarded by fax or email to the Union office. All suggestions will be considered by the Union’s officials and, if adopted, incorporated into our claim. As always, however, the final say will rest with our rank and file and a vote will be held amongst all members to approve, amend or reject the Award prior to ratification by the IRC.

Some of the main features of the Union’s proposed new Retained Award are:

  • 12% up-front wage increases in a 3 year Award, commencing 1/1/2000;
  • 1000% increase to the retainer – up from approx. 5c per hour to 50c per hour;
  • The inclusion of a new Major Incident Emergency clause;
  • The introduction of computers to all retained stations within 18 months;
  • The inclusion of a new Schedule of Authorised Duties which attract payment;
  • The provision of 2 sets of protective clothing for all retained members.

The Dept. and Govt. are expected to strongly resist our claims, but your officials believe we can still win. Of course, whether or not we do win won’t be decided by officials.It will, as always, come down to each and every member.


Stay United!

Greg Matthews
Retained Sub-Branch Secretary

Chris Read,
State Secretary

Thursday 23rd December, 1999


Members can view the Union’s 1999 Retained Award Claim comparison document which outlines the changes between the 1997 Retained Award and the Union’s claim which was filed on 23 December 1999.

The PDF document can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or an Acrobat Reader Plugin for your web browser. Members who experience problems accessing the resources listed on this page should contact site admin.

Additional Note:

Members will note the removal of the Supplementary Allowances for Captains (subclause 6.5 of the 1997 Award). The removal of this clause is on the basis that such duties (ie. AFA testing, complete of Fire Reports and Fire Prevention Activities) should all attract payment for the actual time spent performing such duties under subclause 6.7 and the proposed schedule of Authorised Duties.




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