Agreement reached, bans lifted

April 5, 2000

The Union bans imposed from 0800 hours on Saturday 1 April 2000 are to be lifted effective immediately upon receipt of this notice. As always, no catch-up paper/administrative work is to be performed by any member with the lifting of these bans.
The Union’s bans have been lifted following three days of intensive negotiations which resulted in in-principle agreement being reached late this afternoon between our Union’s officials and the Government for new permanent and retained Awards. The negotiation details will be provided to members attending the meetings detailed below, and to all members in a further notice to be faxed and posted to our website tomorrow. Importantly, all members will be afforded to the opportunity to consider and vote on the proposed Awards over the coming fortnight.

Special General Meetings will now be held tomorrow, Thursday 6 April in one section only as follows:

Trades Hall Auditorium
Goulburn Street, City
Commencing at 9.30am

No. 260 Station,
Commencing at 10am

No. 503 Station,
Commencing at 10am

Chris Read
State Secretary
Wednesday 5th April, 2000



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