SGM Decisions

April 28, 2000

By the conclusion of this week’s round of Union meetings, the two decisions which follow below had been carried overwhelmingly by the 100’s of rank and file members in attendance.

There is still no confirmation from the Government as to whether or not the Union’s proposed settlement for a new Award has been accepted. Further discussions will take place between Union and Government representatives on Monday in the hope that the new Award can still be ratified by the Industrial Relations Commission in proceedings scheduled for Tuesday May 2.

1.    Acceptance of the Negotiated Position for New Permanent Awards

That the position negotiated by the Union’s officials for two new consecutive awards to replace the Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Staff) Award 1997, as described in the correspondence from the Union’s State Secretary to the Director-General of the NSW Premier’s Department dated 20 April 2000, be endorsed and that the Union’s officials be directed to have the first of these new awards made as soon as practicable.

In resolving this way, and in recognition of the need for further drafting to be carried out to the new award documents which were posted to the Union’s website on 20 April 2000, this meeting of members authorises the Union’s officials to make such further amendments to the new awards as are considered necessary prior to its presentation to the Industrial Relations Commission. Provided that none of the principles nor monetary rates expressed in the draft award documents or correspondence of 20 April 2000 may hereafter be reduced or diminished other than with the express authority of a further General Meeting of this Union’s members.

2:    Rescission of SGM Decision Banning the Acting-Up of LF’s To S/O

That the SGM decision of June 11 1999 banning the acting-up of Leading Firefighters to Station Officer positions be rescinded and that the previous arrangements for acting-up be restored immediately upon agreement being reached between the Union’s officials and the Department for the ongoing maintenance of a guaranteed minimum number of Station Officer positions based on a ‘quota’ system which will recognise future changes (eg new Fire Stations, etc.) and be adjusted accordingly.

Darryl Snow
Friday 28th April 2000



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