Union elections 2000

April 28, 2000

Earlier this month all members were given notice by direct mail to your home addresses of the opening of nominations for the Union’s triennial elections. As has been the case in previous years, this year’s elections for the United Firefighters Union of Australia, NSW Branch Committee of Management are being conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. Again, these elections will also serve as the elections for NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) State Committee of Management under Section 239 of the NSW Industrial Relations Act 1996. The nominations opened on 31 March, closed on 19 April and were locked in (meaning members who had nominated could no longer withdraw their nomination) at midday yesterday, Thursday 27 April.

The Australian Electoral Commission’s Returning Officer yesterday formally declared 10 of the 14 candidates for positions on the Union’s State Committee of Management elected unopposed, as follows:




2000 – 2003

President                                                                                                          Darryl Snow

Senior Vice-President                                                                                         Jim Gillen

Junior Vice-President                                                                                  Chris Windsor

State Secretary                                                                                                    Chris Read

Newcastle Sub-Branch Secretary                                                             Mark Williams

Central Coast Sub-Branch Secretary                                                             Paul Brown

Sydney North Sub-Branch Secretary                                                            Clive Hook

Sydney South Sub-Branch Secretary                                                          Andy Coppin

Illawarra Sub-Branch Secretary                                                                     Mark Paloff

Retained Sub-Branch Secretary                                                               Greg Matthews

The remaining four positions (set out below) each had more than one candidate at midday yesterday and will therefore proceed to a postal ballot by the Australian Electoral Commission of all financial members of our Union on 19 May.

Sydney North West Sub-Branch Secretary: Craig Harris, Alan Hitchell

Sydney South West Sub-Branch Secretary: Clinton Demkin, Bob Kinsela

Country Sub-Branch Secretary: Ron McGeorge, Danny O’Connor, Robert Tranter

Senior Officers’ Sub-Branch Secretary: Michael Hurley, R G Laing, Graham Webb


Chris Read,

State Secretary                                                                                    Friday 28th April, 2000



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