Special duties SGM information

July 14, 2000

On July 7 members were advised of a Special General Meeting to be held this coming Thursday, July 20 on the single issue of Special Duties. This SGM will effectively decide whether or not the Special Duties concept (where the requirement to hold a certain rank for agreed positions may no longer apply) is implemented or rejected.
This is a very important issue, and one which will certainly have a profound impact on job if it is introduced. The State Committee will be meeting next week prior to the SGM to determine its recommendation to the membership, but it will ultimately be up to you, our Union’s members to decide whether or not this will be a positive or negative change for our job.

The ins and outs of the Special Duties proposal will be discussed in full at the Meeting, but in the interim a short “Discussion Paper” has been provided below in the hope that this might provide a better insight for those members who might still be unsure of what Special Duties is really all about.

Members are therefore encouraged to read the “Discussion Paper” which follows below. More importantly, however, members are encouraged to attend the SGM itself, the details of which are as follows:

Special General Meeting

Thursday 20th July, 2000
Trades Hall Auditorium, Goulburn Street, City
Day Section commences at 10am (A Pltn on shift)
Night Section commences at 7pm (B Pltn on shift)

Chris Read
State Secretary
Friday 14th July, 2000



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