D&D update: SCOM calls for strike

August 11, 2000

The Union’s State Committee of Management held an urgent meeting today to consider the further direction of the long-running Death and Disability Dispute. At the conclusion of an extensive debate, punctuated by a further meeting with Government representatives this afternoon which again came to nothing, the State Committee’s elected officials unanimously resolved as follows:
“That the report regarding the ongoing Death and Disability Dispute be received, and that this meeting of the State Committee of Management records its absolute frustration with the Government over its repeated failure to not only genuinely negotiate on this matter, but indeed to even attend scheduled meetings between the parties.

Having thoroughly examined and debated this issue in all of its history, the State Committee is now of the opinion that the Government is either unwilling or incapable of resolving this Dispute through negotiation. Accordingly, the State Committee is now unanimous in its view that whilst the Union should and shall continue to employ other strategies as and when appropriate in order to maintain pressure on the Government (including industrial bans, media coverage and various forms of advertising, etc.), a general strike of all members is now required in order to bring this Dispute to a timely and successful conclusion. The State Committee will therefore now endeavour to organise the Union’s members to this end, although the final authority to commence any stop-work or strike action shall remain with a General Meeting of the Union’s rank and file members which shall be held in due course.

In closing, State Committee records its unwavering resolve to pursue this Dispute to finality, regardless of the many threats and hurdles which the Government will doubtless bring against us, given our firm belief that our Union’s demand for D&D equity is fundamentally principled, fair and just.”

A General Meeting of members will follow, the details of which will be circulated separately.

Chris Read
State Secretary
Friday 11th August, 2000



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