Watchrooms to close for new positions (Pt 2)

October 29, 2001

It was reported on 9 October that negotiations were continuing at that time for the redistribution of 25 permanent positions currently located in watchrooms at City of Sydney, Penrith, Campbelltown and Gosford. The State Committee of Management last Friday confirmed the reallocation of those positions as follows:

  • City of Sydney relay 5   (1 f/f per Platoon on the 10/14, 1 S/O on day shift)
  • Newcastle Hazmat 2   (S/O’s from Back to Back to 10/14 Roster)
  • Wollongong Hazmat 2   (S/O’s from Back to Back to 10/14 Roster)
  • Lismore 3   (firefighters from day shift to Back to Back)
  • Nowra 4   (S/O and 3 from day shift to Back to Back)
  • Tamworth 3   (firefighters from day shift to Back to Back)
  • Moree 3   (from 1 Country S/O to S/O and 3 on day shift)
  • Kariong 2   (2 firefighters to staff District Truck on Back to Back)
  • GSA 1   (Senior Instructor for retained stations in the GSA)

These new positions will come on top of the 8 extra 10/14 jobs to staff Berkeley Vale’s (previously Kariong’s) hazmat van which were secured as a result of the “urgent discussions” which took place between the Union and the Department on Thursday 18 October.

Our negotiations for the introduction of 10/14 Inspectors for the Central Coast have also progressed to the point where applications have now been called, as have the permanent firefighter vacancies for Moree, and a similar invitation for Inspectors in each country Zone is expected to be made this week.

The Union is now both expecting and working towards seeing all of the new positions listed above filled and in place by no later than 31 December.

Chris Read
State Secretary




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