D&D Update: Agreement Near

May 30, 2002

We are pleased to report that negotiations held throughout this week between the Union’s negotiating team and the Government today reached the point where in-principle agreement for new D&D benefits for our members, both permanent and retained, has been all but reached. It follows that the arbitration hearings which were scheduled to commence today, but which were suspended to allow those negotiations to continue, will now remain on hold.

Provided that no last minute obstacles are encountered, then this negotiated position is expected to be confirmed before the IRC’s Justice Marks around midday tomorrow. This will not, however, mean that the Union has automatically accepted this outcome. The Union’s State Committee of Management will first need to convene and consider a recommendation to accept or reject the negotiated position, following which it will then fall to you – the Union’s rank and file members – to vote on the proposal at a series of Special General Meetings.

Whilst it would be premature to disclose any of the details of the negotiated position just yet, we remain hopeful that we will be in a position to forward a summary of the agreed proposal to all stations (and to our website) by mid-afternoon tomorrow. It is expected that a joint NSWFB/FBEU statement shall also be issued around that time.

Chris Read
State Secretary

Darryl Snow