Union elections 2003-2006

April 24, 2003

This week, ballot papers will arrive in every member’s letterbox enabling you to determine your Union representatives for the term 2003-2006.
In addition, the State Committee of Management invited all candidates to submit a brief information sheet so that you would better be able to determine who is best placed to represent you for the next three years. Hopefully, you have already received this information at your home address. This new initiative should assist members to identify candidates and provide some background before determining which way you vote.

Every candidate that nominates is demonstrating that he or she seeks to improve your lot. The most important message is to encourage all members to lodge your vote before the deadline of May 7.

Voting in these elections is not compulsory but it is free, convenient and provides you with a say in shaping the FBEU. All members, permanent, retained, country or city vote for every position up for election – not just one – so it is up to you to determine who will be your Union?s officials.

But only if you vote!



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