2003 July Special General Meeting

July 23, 2003

A Special General Meeting of members will be held pursuant to a Rule 11(2) as follows:

  • SYDNEY SGM – Trades Hall Auditorium, Goulburn Street, 1000 hours Wednesday 30 July.
  • NEWCASTLE – Cardiff Workers Club (Club Nova), 1000 hours Monday 28 July.
  • CENTRAL COAST –  228 Station Berkeley Vale, 1800 hours Monday 28 July.
  • ILLAWARRA –  503 Station Wollongong, 1800 hours Tuesday 29 July.
  • REGIONAL NSW – Members in regional NSW may meet locally at their station, provided that a quorum of at least 7 financial Union members is present for the duration of any such meeting. Station Delegates who advise the Union office by 1600 hours on Monday 28 July of their intention to meet will be forwarded the necessary documentation prior to the start of that meeting.


(Commissioner Greg Mullins has accepted an invitation to address the Sydney SGM at 1000 hours.)

  • Meeting Open
  • Secretary’s report, including updates on:

a)            implementation of the new D&D arrangements; and

b)            the forthcoming 2004 award negotiations.

  • Member-initiated motions on notice (2)

a)            “That all members of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees’ Union boycott all future Pre Entry Tests for the Station Officers Promotional Program, including its current selection format, until such time as an agreed system is developed by the NSW Fire Brigade Employees’ Union and the NSW Fire Brigades that is fair and equitable for all candidates and which provides the delivery of appropriate education and review necessary for promotion to the rank of Station Officer. Furthermore, that  the 2003 Station Officers Promotional Program be immediately abolished and replaced with the format/selection criteria from the 1996 Station Officers examination, that guaranteed promotion to all candidates who achieved a pass mark of 65% or higher. That all candidates who achieved an overall mark of 65% or higher in both the 2002 and 2003 Station Officers Promotional Program Pre Entry Test be immediately placed on a Leading Firefighter list, as per the 1996 Station Officers examination, awaiting placement on the Station Officers Promotional Program in order of their current results.”

State Committee of Management recommendation – Reject, and support instead the following motion:

“That the membership concerns evident in the previous motion are noted, however this meeting does not support the banning or abolition of either the November Pre Entry test or the 2003 Station Officer Promotion Programmes. Further, this meeting recognises that the current systems of selection and promotion to Station Officer and Inspector ranks under Clause 13 of the Award should continue to be subject to review and refinement by the State Committee of Management through both the joint FBEU/NSWFB Training Review Committee and the forthcoming 2004 award negotiations.”

b)            “In the interest of fulfilling obligations under the OH&S Act, and the NSW Fire Brigades Duty of Care to firefighters and the community, that the examination papers of all candidates who sat the 2002 and 2003 SOPP Pre Entry Assessment are returned to those candidates and that comprehensive reviews and information relevant to reaching the required entry standard be made available by the Professional Development Unit to each and every candidate on request.”

State Committee of Management recommendation – Support.

  • Meeting Close




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