Comms SOGS banned

November 29, 2003

The new Communications SOGS which were orginally scheduled to be introduced on Sunday 12 November, but were deferred until 0800 hrs tomorrow, Sunday 30 November have been banned by the Union, effective immediately.

Consistent with our standing policy banning all new and/or extra duties, the Union has sought recognition of these new SOGS as a new work practice/productivity initiative during the course of our current Award negotiations. When the Department originally refused to recognise these SOGS as new/extra duties earlier this month, the Union’s officials made it clear the SOGS would be banned if they weren’t pulled. That was the real reason for the two week deferral referred to above.

It was our sincere hope that some real progress could be made on this and related issues over the past fortnight. That hope was misplaced. When asked to defer the new SOGS again, the Department refused. As far as your employer is concerned, the new procedures (and extra work put in by all members over the last month in learning them) aren’t worth one single extra cent. And that’s fine by us – if it isn’t worth anything then the Department obviously can’t complain if we don’t do it.

Accordingly, all members – both in Comms and “in the field”- are hereby instructed to ignore the new Comms SOGS, and to continue to observe all pre-existing radio call signs, codes and procedures. This instruction will remain in force until advised otherwise by way of a further notice from your Union.

Chris Read
State Secretary



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