Training Instructors “casual”

March 24, 2005

In an attempt to standardise the current remuneration packages paid to both retained and permanent members who are used as Instructors at NSW Fire Brigades Training Centres, the Union has used the principle of equal work, equal pay. For too long the Department has seen fit to pay a raft of varied wage rates and allowances to these instructors, that fall outside of Award entitlements. Instructors in the NSW Fire Brigades fall within Clause 14 – Operational Support Positions and as such are paid at the level of Operational Support Level 2. In recognition of this principle the State Committee has resolved: –

“That our Union demands all members employed by the Department in the capacity of casual instructor or trainer, other than during normal on-duty training at their base station, be entitled to the hourly rate of pay of Operational Support Level 2, as well as their normal Award entitlements. Further; where such work is undertaken as overtime, members shall be paid at the hourly rate of pay for an Operational Support level 2 position at overtime rates.”

Members are therefore instructed that they are not to perform the duties of a casual instructor with the NSW Fire Brigades unless it is known that they will be paid at the appropriate Operational Support Level 2 rate of pay.

Craig Harris
State Secretary



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