New web page launched

December 14, 2005

The Union launched a new web page at the recent Sydney AGM and, quite rightly, we’re pretty proud of its look, functionality and content.Our site now includes members and retired members areas including a forum, current instructions, news, e-journal, links and feedback, just to name some of the features. We also have a feedback facility that we ask members to use so that we can keep improving upon the current look and format. There are some minor development glitches on the site at present. We are current working with the web developer and designer to iron them out. The old web address ( may still be bookmarked on many station PCs. Please update your bookmarks to the new address:

We aim to achieve a site that not only provides industrial information but can be used by members to access many other features such as shopping, notice board etc., and hopefully incorporate a whole of life approach to FBEU membership.

Craig Harris   

State Secretary



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