January 20, 2006

The Union has been asked to clarify when and where members may wear t-shirts following In-orders 2005/27, ‘Wearing uniforms and personal protective equipment’. Some confusion comes from the statements in this policy:

“T-shirts may be worn as general outerwear in and around fire stations and when participating in fitness programs.”

“T-shirts must not be worn during activities where firefighters are in view of the public.”

“The T-shirt is not to be worn as outerwear off station premises.”

Pretty confusing and contradictory, but put in a nutshell:

T-shirts shouldn’t be worn as outerwear when doing public education or brigade exercises etc. The same goes for hydrant inspections except where climatic conditions dictate otherwise. As stated in the Personal Protective Equipment Policy – “NSW is a diverse State with dramatic variations in climatic conditions. Consideration should be given by the Officer-in-Charge to changes of uniforms and PPE to suit the conditions”. So if it’s too hot, either wear the t-shirt as outerwear or go back to the station.

T-shirts can be worn under the duty wear shirt and all PPE as the minimum requirement, so it’s logical that when dressing down on the fireground or when returning to the station in the pump they’ll become outerwear and in view of the public.

So if your doing something official away from the station, wear the duty wear shirt (t-shirt under if you like) but in all other circumstances including within the station grounds, doing fitness programs and returning from fires, t-shirts are fine as outerwear.


Craig Harris

State Secrtary



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