Ignore the Commissioner

March 16, 2006

The Commissioner this morning has requested all relieving staff to ignore the Union’s bans imposed yesterday afternoon over the shafting of FL4 members. Not content to renege on a deal agreed to months ago, he now wants to undermine your right to protest about it.

Ignore the Commissioner’s Message. As yesterday’s notice clearly stated, the following bans remain in place until lifted by way of further notice from the State Secretary:

All members are hereby instructed that effective on and from 1800 hours, Wednesday 15 March 2006, no member is to perform any relieving, stand-bys or out-duties. Members are to return to and remain at their base station, save for GSA based members who are currently relieving out of the GSA, who may remain at their present location. Members are not to change platoons to fill known or unknown absences, and members who act as ‘Z men’ are to remain at their base station on the platoon they are currently working throughout.

Should a station be reduced to less than its minimum staffing level as a result of these bans, then the station is to remain offline until such time as minimum staffing levels are restored. These bans will remain in place until lifted by way of further notice from the State Secretary.


Craig Harris

State Secretary



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