Retained members’ 4% wage increase

March 31, 2006

The latest Award payrise for retained members of 4% takes effect tomorrow, 1 April 2006. This is the next instalment of the 17% (cumulative) wage increases secured by the Union through new Awards for both permanent and retained members since 2004. All wages and most (but not all) allowances will also increase by 4%.



On & From 1 April 2006

Monthly Retainer Captain A $197.70
Monthly Retainer Captain B $178.40
Monthly Retainer Deputy Captain A $178.40
Monthly Retainer Deputy Captain B $134.00
Monthly Retainer  Firefighter A $101.70
Monthly Retainer Firefighter B $76.20
Monthly Retainer Firefighter C $51.00
Hourly Rate – Captain $27.05
Hourly Rate – Deputy Captains & RFFs A,B and C $23.43
Kilometre Allowance $0.89
Stand By Rate (per hour) $52.10


In accordance with the Union’s registered rules, Union dues have also increased by 4%, rising by 21 cents for retained members from $1.82 to $2.03 per week.


Craig Harris

State Secretary



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