2006 Union elections declared

May 11, 2006

The Australian Electoral Commission has this morning formally declared the final results for the Union’s 2006 triennial elections, and rank and file firies have voted overwhelmingly for a change in the Union’s leadership (only five of the fourteen previous officials remain).

The successful candidates (who all take office immediately) and the new State Committee of Management for the coming three year term are as follows:

State Committee of Management



President Chris WINDSOR
Senior Vice President Jim CASEY
Junior Vice President Travis BROADHURST
State Secretary Simon FLYNN


Central Coast Ken SMITH
Country Chris PERRIN
Illawarra Darin SULLIVAN
Newcastle Jim MARTIN
Retained Greg MITCHELL
Senior Officers’ Mark REILLY
Sydney North Terry KIRKPATRICK
Sydney North West Ian LOVEDAY
Sydney South West Matthew MURRAY
Sydney South Jeremy FEWTRELL

For full election results please click [download id=”46″].

In the largest ever return of ballot papers, over 2400 members have delivered a clear signal to management and government that FBEU members are once again united and looking forward to democratic and progressive unionism.

Thank you to all members who exercised the democratic right to vote, and by doing so had a direct say in the future of our jobs and industry. Through your vote, all members – permanent and retained – can look forward to a stronger, more open and more accountable Union.

Thank you to all outgoing State Committee officials, and to Craig in particular, for your service on behalf of the membership.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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