Hiroshima never again

August 2, 2006

At 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945, the people of Hiroshima city in Japan became the first humans on the planet to pay the price of Nuclear Warfare. An atomic bomb was detonated some 600 meters above Shima Hospital vaporizing all those within a 1000 meter radius. Up to 90 000 men, women and children were slaughtered directly and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were maimed and crippled -some for generations.

The deliberate and indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations has long been recognized as a crime against humanity and cannot go unmarked. War for whatever purpose invariably targets working class people while those responsible walk free profiting from the horror and misery inflicted on those most vulnerable.

This year’s rally to mark the 61st anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing will be held at

1pm Sunday 6th August in Hyde Park North. The focus of the rally is to draw the world’s attention to the re-establishment of a Nuclear Weapons program by the US government. The current debate about the establishment of a Nuclear industry in Australia and the inevitable proliferation of weapons of mass destruction should Australian Uranium be exported around the world.


Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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