SOPP Pre-entry Test

October 5, 2006

The Union and the Department met yesterday regarding the upcoming Station Officers Promotional Program Pre Entry Test. Some confusion has been created by the original In Order (2006/12) calling for applications to enter the SOPP.  Section 5 of the In Order states that a Transcript of Academic Record has to be provided with the application. The Union and the Department have agreed that a more correct interpretation of the Award should allow Senior Firefighters the ability to prove that they have completed their modules up to the day before the examination.

Consequently, the Union and Department have agreed:

1) If an applicant does not yet have evidence of completion of the required modules, they should indicate this in their application.

2) All members will need to provide evidence of completion of the required modules by no later than Wednesday 15 November 2006 to the Coordinator – Station Officers Promotional Program.

3) Evidence of completion of the required modules can be provided in one of two forms: a) a Transcript of Academic Record produced by OTEN; OR b) a letter from the Firefighting Section at OTEN [Phone: 9715 8451] clearly outlining that the applicant has successfully completed the required modules. Copies of either the Transcript or letter need to be certified by a NSWFB Officer with the words ‘true copy of original document’ as per In Order 2006/12).

4) The closing date for applications will be extended to Friday 13 October 2006 (was Friday 6 October 2006).

All other aspects of In Order 2006/12 remain unchanged, including Section 3. Entry Requirements.


Simon Flynn

State Secretary