Thanks to all firies who donated food for the homeless

January 4, 2007

Members from Ashfield station delivered over $1000 worth of groceries to the Exodus Foundation in the week before Christmas after the Union asked members to pitch in for the poor.

Using both the 14 station pumper and the Inspectors 4WD, our contribution to this charity was provided with a minimum of fuss to the Reverend Bill Crews (See photo) who at the time was in the middle of ensuring that even the poor had something to celebrate over the festive season by organising a lunch for thousands of people.

This year, we hope to make the drive bigger and better by starting it off earlier and including all stations across the State.

So if you and your platoon want to donate say one item per week, now is a great time to set up a box in your station to do so.

Thanks again for everyone who helped make this charity drive a great success.

Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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