Your Helmet – Your Union

January 25, 2007

Following a series of very intense discussions between the Department and the Union over the rights of members to place FBEU logos on the backs of helmets, agreement has now been reached that the stickers can stay. The original directive that all Union stickers were to be immediately peeled from the backs of helmets has been superseded and the right of all FBEU members to proudly display the Union badge has now been acknowledged.

In the Departments latest missive on the matter the Commissioner has stated:

“Whatever the decision, no person will be criticised, questioned, or otherwise disadvantaged in any way by the Brigade.”

Members should now proceed to place the 2007 Union logo at the rear of the helmet in accordance with the instructions mailed to each member’s home.

The sticker has been designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of the other stickers required on the helmets. They in no way detract from or diminish the professionalism, safety or appearance of member’s helmets. Indeed from the Union’s perspective the stickers serve to clearly demonstrate the sense of Unity and camaraderie that makes our job the envy of so many people.

The Union strongly encourages all members to display the Union sticker proudly on the rear of their helmets. Why?

The aim of the sticker is promote unity amongst members.

It’s about promoting the Union.

It’s about encouraging participation in the Union

It’s about encouraging Union membership

Despite some of the concerns expressed by the Department, it is not about encouraging in any way the victimisation of non-members. It is simply a tangible way of saying I’m in the FBEU and I’m proud of it.

The Union has been informed that a number of members did not receive a sticker with their membership card. If you fall into this category, contact the Union Office.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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