February SGM results

February 21, 2007

This month’s SGM concluded at Sydney’s Trades Hall today after a record-breaking series of almost 80 separate meetings around the state. There were three questions on this SGM’s agenda, with the final results being:

Agenda Item 1

Jointly Staffed Stations’ (Management, Staffing and Overtime) Policy


(475 for, 503 against, 44 abstentions)

Agenda Item 2

Regional Hazmat staffing

“That this meeting expresses concern over the existing inequities between metropolitan and regional Hazmat staffing arrangements and therefore resolves to campaign for the creation of dedicated permanent Hazmat positions in regional NSW and a corresponding increase in retained firefighter positions.”


(826 for, 147 against, 21 abstentions)

Agenda Item 3

2007 State Election and the use of Union resources

“That this meeting notes the clear and present threat posed by the Debnam Opposition to our Union, our conditions, our awards and the NSW Industrial Relations Commission & Act and in accordance with the objects of the Union including (but not limited to) Rule 6 (6):
‘securing the election of working class representatives in Parliament and promoting such legislative enactments as will ensure industrial justice to the Australian working class’;
this meeting endorses the use of Union resources, members and staff to support the election of candidates sympathetic to the trade union movement and to actively encourage members, their families and the communities we serve to put the Liberal/National coalition last in next month’s NSW election.”


(837 for, 123 against, 37 abstentions)

Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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