July 2007 SGM Results

July 31, 2007

Following a series of meetings across the state in accordance with the Unions registered rules the two specific items on the agenda paper have been discussed, debated, voted upon and resolved in accordance with the following figures.

Item 1. From the State Committee re: 2008 Award Claims

“That the Union shall claim a minimum 6.7% increase in wages and increased employer contribution to superannuation in forthcoming award negotiations given that the NSW Government has directed that all public servants including firefighters will be offered an increase of just 2.5%. The claim is to be backed by a campaign targeting all members of the lower house of Parliament seeking their support for firefighters to receive no less an increase in wages than politicians, increased employer contribution to superannuation and a commitment to support the right of firefighters to bargain collectively for wages and conditions.”

Meeting For Against Abstain
Liverpool 43 0 6
Huntingwood 58 0 3
Newcastle 34 0 3
Central Coast 35 0 3
Crows Nest 35 0 1
Illawarra 43 0 4
Country 275 9 1
Sydney 122 0 0
Total 646 9 21

Motion Declared Carried

Item 2. From the rank and file re: Retained Shortages

“That the N.S.W. Fire Brigade Employees Union hereby be instructed by its members to rescind the State Committee resolution posted on the 1st of June concerning permanent members covering retained shortages and re-instate as an interim policy the principles contained in the NSWFBEU letter of 30th April 1996 entitled “Retained Staffing In-Orders 1995/20 Explained” in particular, part 3(D), until such time as a new policy can be debated and voted on by all members.”

Meeting For Against Abstain
Liverpool 39 0 7
Huntingwood 0 59 3
Newcastle 0 34 4
Central Coast 17 11 7
Crows Nest 0 34 2
Illawarra 24 16 7
Country 72 210 2
Sydney 31 75 9
Total 183 439 41


Motion Declared Lost

Thanks to all those who attended and voted whilst the actual votes are subject to scrutiny the voting figures indicate a clear result and allow the Union to move forward on both matters.

Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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