Xmas Pays

October 24, 2007

The Department has written to the Union informing us that due to the Xmas/New Year period falling at a critical time in the pay week cycle this year it is unable to process casual overtime and relieving allowances for permanent members on the week commencing 21st December. The payment of these monies is proposed to take place in the subsequent pay period 4th January 2008.

Retained pays will not be affected, as these are processed prior to The 21st December and do not fall inside the critical period.

Given the recent spate of payroll catastrophes and the apparently inherent fragility of the Department’s payroll the Union is loath to demand the Department try anything as adventurous as processing the pays over the Xmas period for fear members may not receive any pay at such a crucial period.

The Union has written to the Department and demanded that it conduct an audit of payroll to establish exactly what is going on in this most crucial part of the NSW Fire Brigades.

Simon Flynn

State Secretary



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