Entitlement to Sunset Aerial Allowances

October 13, 2008

On 25 November 2005, negotiations between the Union and Department led to agreement for the six old turntable ladder, HP and rescue monitor qualification and driving allowances to be replaced by two new “Major” and “Minor” aerial qualification allowances. It was also agreed that the old ladder and rescue monitor qualification allowances (only) would continue to be paid to those members who were no longer at an aerial station and who would not therefore be entitled to receive the new “Major” or “Minor” allowances.

Unfortunately, disagreements soon emerged. The first dispute concerned the entitlement of  members to this “sunset” allowance who were later transferred from an aerial station, and the second whether these “sunset” allowances were to be indexed in line with future wage increases. Both disputes were resolved during the recent Special Case as follows.

If you are a Station Officer or Firefighter and you:

a) were receiving the turntable ladder or rescue monitor qualification allowance on 24 November 2005 and were no longer attached to an aerial station on that date; or

b) were still attached to an aerial station on that date but were later transferred to a non-aerial station sometime between 25 November 2005 and 19 September 2008; then you are entitled to receive the relevant “sunset” allowance (including backpay, if appropriate) until you:

i) return to an aerial station and are paid the Major or Minor Aerial Allowance; or

ii) are promoted to Inspector; or

iii) leave the Brigades.

Members who did not meet the criteria at either (a) or (b) on 19 September 2008 will not be eligible for either “sunset” allowance in the future. Similarly, a members now receiving (or eligible for) payment of either “sunset” allowance and who later triggers any of the grounds for exclusion at (i), (ii) or (iii) above will extinguish any future entitlement to payment.

On the 2nd dispute, the Full Bench recommended that the “sunset” allowances (which do not appear in the Award) were not to be adjusted between 20 November 2005 and 20 June 2008, but will hereafter be adjusted in line with all future wage increases as follows:

“Sunset” allowances

20 June 2008

19 June 2009

18 June 2010

Turntable Ladder qualified

$6.92 per week

$7.20 per week

$7.49 per week

Rescue Monitor qualified

$1.65 per week

$1.80 per week

$1.87 per week

Simon Flynn

State Secretary