Media Release – Rescue Services

November 28, 2008

Firies demand no “flip flop” on rescue from Rees Government

The Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) today said that moves were afoot to return rescue responsibilities to the Ambulance Service and called on the Rees Government to reject the temptation to do a shonky deal that was not in the public interest, in order to placate Labor mates.

FBEU NSW State Secretary Simon Flynn said that the union’s members across the state are fully equipped and trained and have taken on rescue responsibilities with distinction.

“Every study and report done on this subject for 30 years has found that the fire brigade is best placed to perform rescue duties and that the savings in switching rescue to the firies are substantial – in fact tens of millions of dollars.”

“These savings mean an extra nine ambulances on the road 24/7.”

“This union is hearing that the Rees Government is on the verge of ‘flip flopping’ and returning rescue duties to the ambos – if this were to happen it would have everything to do with John Della Bosca doing the HSU a favour and nothing to do with good governance or public policy.”

“Fire fighters are trained, equipped and resourced to rescue people, the safety of the public has not been compromised by our members performing these functions and any suggestion to the contrary is despicable and quite possibly actionable.”

“This continued storm in a tea cup risks the good relationship between emergency service workers on the ground.”

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