We Must Stay United

May 26, 2009

In the midst our Union elections the Department has once again pulled on a dirty manoeuvre to attack our wages and conditions.

This time the Department has applied to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) to rip apart our professional qualifications. They want to dump the minimum requirement that recruit firefighters must meet to graduate.

The Department has called in the ‘Crown Solicitors’ to do its dirty work in this attempt to strip our Award and dumb down our qualifications.

The last time the Department tried to pull this on we were again in the midst of a Union election. The Union slapped on bans and the Department begged members not to take part.

This opportunistic and divisive try-on is nothing more than a disgraceful attempt to take advantage of our democratic process.

I call on all members to remain united to protect our wages and conditions. We must all stay focussed and work together as one Union if we are to maintain the high standards of training and professionalism that define us.

Simon Flynn
State Secretary