Members Win Improvements

June 12, 2009

Due to concerns raised by FBEU members, when a retained brigade is taken offline, all adjoining brigades will be notified by Communications Centers as and when this occurs.

FBEU members recently raised concerns that no notice was being given to crews when an adjoining retained brigade was taken offline. This was creating a dangerous situation where responding crews were expecting back-up from an adjoining brigade unaware that some brigades were effectively shut.

Our Union then wrote to the Department suggesting a system be put in place to make sure proper notification is given to adjoining stations.

The Department has agreed that this is a good suggestion that will improve response coverage in these areas. Clearly this will also go someway to improving safety on the fire-ground for all those firefighters concerned.

While this does not make up for the reduced fire coverage created by In Order 08/22, it does improve the situation for responding brigades. Bit by bit this woeful decision is being wound back and the impact on firefighters reduced.

We encourage all members to continue to make constructive suggestions for our Union to put forward to management.

Simon Flynn
State Secretary



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