SITREP No. 8/2009

August 21, 2009

Tea & CoffeeIn this issue:

  • Probationary employment for Retained members?
  • Meals and Refreshments

Probationary employment for Retained members?

This week the Union discovered that new Retained firefighters are being told they are on a 12 month probation period and will have their performance reviewed and recorded on a “Retained Firefighter on Probation” form during their first year.

There has been no consultation or agreement regarding the introduction of any probation period for retained firefighters. Union members are advised against completing the forms and should notify the Union immediately if you are asked to.

Meals and Refreshments

Middle management has again been trying to deny the payment of Clause 10 allowances, both for refreshment and meals. To be clear, refreshment packs are agreed, however refreshment includes tea and coffee. Therefore if there is no hot water available and you cannot make tea or coffee then you did not get a refreshment.

Members are also reminded that McDonald’s is not a substantial meal. To avoid doubt, the Union some years back approached McDonald’s Head Office to enquire as to whether their healthy range of meal options could be used as a catering option for fire ground meals. The answer was no because McDonald’s food is not supposed to be transported. Suffice to say that cold burgers and soggy fries do not constitute a substantial meal in accordance with the award.

Members who do not receive refreshments or meals in accordance with the award are entitled to the appropriate allowance.



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