Media Release: Call for 40kph zones at accident scenes

October 21, 2009

Firies call for mandatory 40 kph zones at accident scenes following fire truck/ bus accident fiasco yesterday

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The Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) is today calling for new driving regulations to establish a 40kph speed limit where emergency services vehicles are ‘under lights.’  The call follows a serious accident yesterday on Sydney’s lower North Shore, when a bus ploughed into a fire truck under lights that was slowing to attend a car fire.

FBEU President Darin Sullivan said today that the Union had been pursuing RTA changes to the road rules for 12 months along these lines and had support from NSW FB management, but that the reform had become tangled up at a ministerial level.

“Yesterdays incident demonstrates the urgency of this proposed reform.  Around the world, firefighters die at work in two main ways: heart attacks and being hit by cars whilst attending motor vehicle accidents.”

“Other emergency services workers also get hit by cars regularly whilst attending motor vehicle accidents.”

“Drivers are now well trained to slow for road works, where there are 40 kph signs and at our schools.  Our suggestion is that this be extended to any emergency situation on our roads where emergency services are attending and signaling caution via keeping their lights on.”

“There needs to be a public debate about this issue and the Union is calling on the NSW Government to establish a position and give due consideration to our call.”

Media enquiries please call FBEU NSW State President Darin Sullivan on

0422 436 044



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