SITREP No. 4/2010

January 29, 2010

computerInside this issue:

  • Have your say on bullying and harassment
  • SOPP modules – old or new, but not both
  • Executive Officers travel on duty
  • Boxing day public holiday

Have your say on bullying and harassment

Members are reminded of the Workplace Culture Survey currently underway and available on the Department’s intranet. The survey was developed in consultation with the Union and is an opportunity for members to comment on the Department’s handling complaints, grievances and bullying in the workplace.

Bullying and harassment is a blight on our industry and the Union expects that this survey will help identify the root causes of these cultural problems. And then the hard work will begin.

SOPP modules – old or new, but not both.

Members were understandably confused by last week’s In Orders 2010/02 regarding the Station Officers’ Pre-Entry Test. The Union can now clarify that members do not have to complete the new PSTP units if they have already completed the old AFC modules. To avoid doubt, the old AFC modules will continue to satisfy the necessary pre-requisites for any future SOPP Pre-Entry Test that you might sit.

Members will no longer be able to enrol in the old AFC modules after 22 September 2010, and members who enrol after that date will only be able to enrol in the new PSTP units. Note – Members who are part way through the old AFC modules for progression to Station Officer should enrol in all of the remaining AFC modules prior to the 22 September 2010 deadline.

Executive Officers travel on duty

Because Executive Officer members are not entitled to excess travel time, the Union advises members to travel whenever possible during regular/office hours (ie, on the Department’s time). Similarly, Inspectors who act-up to Superintendent are not entitled to excess travel time (see subclause 7.3) while acting up but remain entitled to excess travel time when traveling to and from the higher duties location. As always, members are reminded to make sure you confirm your travel entitlements before acting up.

Boxing day public holiday

Numerous members have asked if the Boxing Day public holiday on 28 December 2009 was an additional gazetted public holiday and, if so, are the permanent members who worked that day entitled to consolidated leave? The 28th was a holiday in lieu of the 26th (which fell on a Saturday), not an additional holiday. As a rule there are 11 “regular” public holidays every year and 2009 was no different, so the answer is no.

Jim Casey

State Secretary



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