CODE RED – Country Inspector bans lifted

August 25, 2010

As reported in last Friday’s Code Red, the Union listed a dispute with the IRC over the Department’s intention to allow Station Officers who have not completed the Inspectors Promotional Program (IPP) to fill Duty Commander positions in clear breach of both Clauses 7 and 13 of the Award. The dispute was heard by the IRC’s Commissioner Ritchie yesterday, 24 August.

Commissioner Ritchie today issued a Statement and Recommendations concerning the dispute, a full copy of which can be found here, however for the benefit of members the Commissioner’s three Recommendations are reproduced here below:

1. That immediate action is to be taken by the State Secretary of the applicant to cease all work bans forthwith and that the administrative work not completed due to the work bans be now completed.

2. That the respondent take immediate action to withdraw the advertisements (with respect to the Wagga Wagga and Dubbo Inspector vacancies) as found in In Orders 2010/18 dated 20 August, 2010.

3. That I direct the two parties to confer and to report back to the Commission on Monday 30 August 2010 at 10.00am for a further compulsory conference.

The Department is yet to indicate whether or not it will observe Recommendation #2 and withdraw the offending advertisements. Regardless, the Union has decided to observe part (but not all) of Commissioner Ritchie’s Recommendation #1.

Accordingly, members are hereby advised that the administrative bans introduced last Friday are to be lifted, effectively immediately upon receipt of this notice.

However, as previously advised and consistent with all previous disputes, there shall be no catch-up administrative duties performed (ie, the work that was not performed since last Friday will not be performed now).

As provided in Recommendation #3, the dispute will now return to the Commission next Monday 30 August at 10am. Members will be advised of further developments in due course.

Jim Casey

State Secretary



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