SITREP No. 39/2010

September 29, 2010

Inside this issue:

  • Country Inspectors dispute – update
  • FBEU Centenary – RSVPs now due
  • New D&D website up and running

Country Inspectors dispute – update

In SITREP 37/2010 we reported that the country inspectors dispute was on hold and that the matter was stood over generally with either party at liberty to re-apply to the IRC. Despite this, the Department yesterday wrote to the Union announcing that it would re-issue the advertisements for the Wagga Wagga and Dubbo Inspector vacancies on Thursday 30 September and fill them through ‘merit based’ interviews rather than through the process outlined in the Award and Standing Orders. It also went onto inform the Union that the Commissioner had established a new rank, the rank of Acting Inspector! This would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. The Commissioner in an effort to circumvent the Award has now started creating ranks, and his new team thinks this is not only appropriate, but also achievable.

The Union sought an urgent hearing before the IRC, where the Department asserted its view that the Commissioner can amend the provisions of Clause 13 as he sees fit, and that includes the replacement of the IPP pre-entry test with a merit selection interview and the introduction of an abridged IPP for country inspector vacancies. The Union rejects this proposition and will not allow the Department’s blatant disregard for its own Standing Orders and the Award to stand. The matter has been set down for determination by the IRC on 28 October and in the interim the advertisements will not be reissued. Further, members sitting the upcoming IPP pre-entry test on 26 October who are interested in taking up the positions of Wagga Wagga and/or Dubbo are advised to notify the Union immediately.

FBEU Centenary – RSVPs now due

With the FBEU Centenary only three weeks away, it is now time to make sure you’ve let the Union office know you’re coming. Places at the Centenary Function are limited, and it’s filling up fast, so get in quick and don’t get left out. If you don’t have a FBEU membership card, it’s also a good time to change your address and get a new one – remember – no FBEU Membership Card, no bar service at the event. For all other FBEU Centenary details visit the Union’s website at

Also if you have changed your email address, you should log onto the forum ( and update your account settings. We update most emails that come in via change of address forms, but via the forum is the best way to ensure we have your correct email details.

New D&D website up and running

Members are also advised that a new website has been established by the Death and Disability Fund and can be accessed at The website provides information regarding the operation of the fund, the fund benefits and includes a benefit calculator that allows members to obtain benefit estimates. Fund documents including claims forms, annual reports, and the Product Disclosure Statement can also be downloaded from the site.

Jim Casey

State Secretary



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