SITREP No. 40/2010

October 7, 2010

Inside this issue:

  • Result of September SGM
  • LSV 1 – Outduties
  • LSV 2 – Station appliances not to be used in lieu
  • LSV 3 – Safety not to be compromised
  • Pre-entry test entitlements
  • Centenary reminder

Results of September SGM

The Union’s September SGM concluded last Thursday with all of the motions on notice being carried with overwhelming support. The full minutes of that meeting are now available to members via the Members Forum section of the Union’s website.

LSV 1 – Outduties

Fully operational permanent members who are spare may still be directed to staff an LSV and the Department has this week agreed that each shift (or part thereof) so worked will be counted as an out-duty. This includes members attached to an LSV station (ie, 1, 21, 27, 260, 351 and 503 stations), who will not be paid the relieving allowance but will still be acknowledged as having performed an outduty.

LSV 2 – Station appliances not to be used in lieu

Teething problems with the new LSV staffing arrangements has seen management in at least one Zone directing stations to deliver their own petty cash recoups to the Zone Office using station appliances.

It was never intended or agreed that stations should pick up the LSVs’ workload. The use of station appliances in this way has been neither discussed with, nor accepted by the Union and members are therefore to cease this practice, which is banned until further notice.

LSV 3 – Safety not to be compromised

Another LSV-related problem reported to the Union concerns the possible shortage of cylinders on appliances due to delays in their delivery. No member should compromise their own safety due to LSV shortfalls and members who are concerned about possible cylinder shortages are advised to make an en-route request for additional stations to respond to every call attended until your station’s cylinders are replenished.

Pre-Entry Test entitlements

Permanent members sitting promotional Pre-Entry Tests (both Station Officers’ and Inspectors’ PETs) are reminded that they are entitled to the following provisions:

  • Members rostered for duty on the night shift prior to the day of an exam should be granted paid leave from 2200 hours to 0800 hours.
  • Members who are rostered off duty should be paid at overtime rates (see clause
  • Members who are on annual or long service leave should be re-credited with the appropriate leave for the time spent attending the exams (see clause
  • Time spent attending a Pre-Entry Test is time worked. The provisions of clause 9.9 (requiring an eight hour break) apply in conjunction with clause 16.11, therefore those members who are rostered for night shift on the day of an exam should stand-off until they have had an 8 hour break from the conclusion of the final exam they attend. For example, if you finish an exam at 1600 hours and are rostered to start at 1800 hours that day, you should stand-off until midnight without loss of pay. If, however, you completed the examination at (say) 1700 hours then you would stand-off until 0100 hours the next day.
  • If your travelling time to and from the exam venue exceeds two hours each way, or if the return distance from your residence to the venue exceeds 175kms, you are entitled to either be provided accommodation by the Department, or to the accommodation allowance prescribed by clause 26.4.1.
  • Meal allowances, excess fares and travelling time may also be payable in line with Clause 26 – Travelling Compensation.




Jim Casey
State Secretary



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