SITREP No. 24/2011

June 24, 2011

Inside this issue:

  • Chop, Chop
  • E&T – what’s the position
  • How much super do I need?


Chop, chop

The assault on public sector workers in NSW continues unabated with the Coalition this week confirming that it has ditched the former Labor Government’s policy of no forced redundancies in the public sector

“We are going to run the public service like any other business, and that means providing a redundancy system that is fair but sensible,” O’Farrell said. “For the first time in decades, departments will be willing to restructure and make their operations more efficient because they will not have to worry about carrying a redundant employee for more than 12 months.”

E&T – what’s the position?

It seems that even the Department is confused by the newly-restructured Education and Training directorate, with management advertising a position that does not exist. Commissioner’s Orders 2011/12 called for applications for a CLM Training and Assessment Officer without clarifying which role (ie, training or assessment) this position would be performing and therefore, what roster it would work.

An agreement reached in the Industrial Relations Commission just last year required the Department to identify whether it was advertising for a CLM Assessment Officer (the former Workplace Assessor position) on the Back to Back Roster or a CLM Training Officer (the former PDU Instructor position) on the Overlap Roster. The Union raised this error with the Department prior to it being advertised, but management refused to clarify the role and proceeded with the incorrect advertisement. Why? Because the Department wrongly believes it can make members work whatever roster it wants, regardless of the position and/or the Award, and is hoping to make all new CLM appointees work the Overlap Roster.

The Union will be returning this matter to IRC in order to have the situation clarified and corrected. In the interim, members interested in either position are advised to apply now. A member who successfully applies for a position (or roster) they subsequently find they did not want may still decline that offer, but applications will almost certainly not be accepted after the deadline closes regardless of the outcome of this dispute.

How much super do I need?

This is the key question raised by members whenever First State Super conducts surveys about superannuation. In response, First State Super has launched a new online program to try and help members answer this question:


Jim Casey

State Secretary



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