SITREP No. 25/2011

July 1, 2011

Inside this issue:

  • Wage rise this week
  • SGM results
  • tax time again

Wage rise in this week’s pay

The first wage increase for all permanent and retained members under the 2011 Awards took effect on 17 June and appeared in all members’ pays this week. As an indication of the benefit for permanent members, this resulted in fortnightly wage increases of $49.66 for Recruits, $66.54 for Senior Firefighters, $79.98 for Level 2 Station Officers and $95.96 for Inspectors

These increases follow the special, one-off lump sum payments that were made to all members on 24 March. Most allowances also increased on 17 June including the relieving kilometre allowance (up from $1.05 to $1.08 per km), the relieving allowance (up from $28.15 to $28.85) and all qualification allowances.

While adjustments in meal, refreshment and travelling compensation allowances take effect on 1 July of each year, these revised rates are yet to be calculated and agreed between the parties. As occurs every year, the Union will advise all members by way of notice as soon as these new rates are confirmed.

Members are reminded that the next 2.5% wage increase will take effect in February (not June) 2012, thereby delivering all members a 5% wage increase within just 8 months.

Members are also reminded that the 2011 Awards we secured in March this year – and therefore these wage increases – would not now be permitted under O’Farrell’s new public sector IR laws.


Tax time – reminder to claim your Union dues

In accordance with the Union’s registered rules, Union dues also increased by 2.5% in line with these wage increases. With the end of the financial year, members are reminded that they are entitled (and certainly advised) to claim their Union dues as a tax deduction for the 2010/11 year, those dues being accepted by the ATO as a legitimate work-related expense. This amount should appear on your PAYG Payment Summary issued by FRNSW.


Results of this week’s SGM

Last month’s well attended SGM concluded yesterday morning with President, Comrade Sullivan, declaring all three motions on the meeting’s agenda carried. The total vote on each question was as follows:

Question 1 re: Community First Responder –      In favour 1012, Against 15, Abstentions 18 *

Question 2 re: Medical First Responder –             In favour 996, Against 18, Abstentions 19 *

Question 3 re: New Work Practices –                    In favour 1019, Against 2, Abstentions 16 *

* Figures adjusted 06/07/2011 following recheck of the count

Instructions confirming the implementation of these policies will be issued to all members in Sitrep 26.


Jim Casey,

State Secretary



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