SITREP 21/2013

May 24, 2013

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  • New officers promotion system?
  • A new Drug and Alcohol Protocol? Update #2
  • O’Farrell to cut your wages by 3% – Update #1
  • E-Occurrence book offline

New officers promotion system?

The FRNSW intranet site yesterday announced the Department’s proposed overhaul of the entry requirements for the Inspectors Promotional Program. Commissioner Mullins has dismissed the current examination format as “a memory test”, proposing instead an evidence based portfolio addressing skills and experience, psychometric tests, a merit based interview and a practical test based on incident management, people management and leadership skills.”

The Union’s position on this development is made clear in our letter of yesterday (click here to view).

At least we still have the right to independent appeals on promotions. Or do we? What the intranet story did not mention was O’Farrell’s introduction (also yesterday) of legislation to axe promotional appeal rights for all public sector workers. The Department would have you believe this was pure coincidence.

A new Drug and Alcohol Protocol? Update #2

Further to last week’s SITREP 20/13, the Union’s proposed amendments to the Department’s new Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy are highlighted in the attached document (click here to view) . I encourage all members to read and consider both the Department’s document, and our suggested amendments. All member comments will be considered by the Union’s State Committee.

Our proposed amendments to the Department’s accompanying Alcohol and Other Drugs Testing Procedures will be posted to our website next Tuesday, 28 May together with Union commentary on both. The matter returns to the IRC on 6 June.

O’Farrell to cut your wages by 3% – Update #1

The FBEU was one of several unions to intervene last week in IRC proceedings regarding the O’Farrell Government’s position that the coming 3% increase in employer superannuation contributions will be treated as coming under the O’Farrell Government’s public sector wages cap (see SITREP 19/13).

Effectively, this means a 3% cut in take home wages. IRC President Justice Boland listed the matter for hearing on 7 June, with the Government to file its material by 28 May, and the unions by 4 June.

E-Occurrence book offline

The Union understands that the Department is attempting to introduce the new E-Occurrence book in regional stations without all of the appropriate equipment (ie, the E-Occurrence computer) installed.

The Union agreed to the implementation of E-Occurrence on the proviso that all necessary equipment and training would be provided before going live in each station. Members at stations where this has not yet occurred are directed to cease attempting to use the electronic version via the station computer and return instead to use of the written Occurrence Book.

Jim Casey
State Secretary



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